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First Date With Danger - Pat Lewis Comics & Illustration — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Pat Lewis

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First Date With Danger [Mar. 29th, 2011|01:54 pm]
Pat Lewis
Here's a piece I contributed to a local charity art auction/fundraiser thing:

first date with danger

If you guys like "blogging" and seeing my artwork posted on a more regular schedule, you might want to consider following my regular blog here: http://patnlewis.blogspot.com/

I also have a tumblr set up but I haven't started using that yet, and I'm not sure if I ever will. I'm also not completely abandoning this LJ, either, but for the foreseeable future, that blogspot should be the best place to see my stuff and keep up with what's new in the world of Pat. Thanks everyone!